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Customised English-speaking trekking agency in Venezuela.

Founded by Lanctin Sylvain, a former first-class officer of the Merchant Marine, Trekking Venezuela has acquired over the years a solid experience of tourism in Venezuela. Despite a chaotic political situation that Venezuela has gone through for many years, we know how to prepare perfectly elaborated, authentic and preserved of mass tourism trekking in the best possible conditions. Thanks to a meticulous and totally personalized preparation for each request, you will be among the first to (re) discover a unique country with natural monuments and a great cultural richness.
Map of the main crossing trekking of Venezuela Mérida
image de fond image de fond Trekking Lake Los Barros Venezuela Trekking Lake Iglesias Venezuela Trekking Mucumpis Venezuela Trekking Los Nevados Venezuela Toyota land Cruiser FJ62 Andes Venezuela Peak Pain de sucre Venezuela Hiking Chaac Mucuchies Mesa Julia Tucani